Time for a new beginning – Elf Knows It [ARCHIVED]

Hi Guys,


First I want to say sorry for the lack of things going on here! I have been really really busy with my project over at http://ciorcal.com lately, and other personal issues that need my full attention. But from tonight (well tomorrow!) I will be making a fresh start of Elf KNows IT. The plans are:


  • Major clean up, a lot of spam lying around.
  • Re-doing of the forums.
  • Integration with Ciorcal.com and other side projects.
  • Major revamp of the users section on the site (lets get some blogs/info going guys!).
  • Re-use of my Twitter account, thats been empty for a while!.
  • Focusing on ALL topics, The Elf and the Elves will be letting you know about as much as we can, across as much topics as we can!
  • Your suggestions!…….I want to make Elf KNows IT for the public so you tell me what you want to see in the new Elf! :).


Leave me a comment!



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