Where Can I Get All My Irish News In One Place? – Elf Knows It [ARCHIVED]

Ciorcal is a service that I run over at http://ciorcal.com. Ciorcal is an online service for you to easily find all the latest news, sorted by the views and opinions of the readers.

The idea behind Ciorcal is to help you get news quicker and snappier to your Desktop/Phone/Facebook etc. Mostly when you visit news sites you are smothered with 10’s of stories you don’t really care about before you get to one that sticks. Ciorcal stops this…

Ciorcal works by aggregating all the latest news stories from various Irish News websites across the web, the stories are then voted on by the users, based on relevancy, quality etc. Once stories are deemed as popular and worthwhile to the readers they are populated on the front page. The same goes goes for ‘bad’ stories, these fall down the list, out of the way….

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As always I am completely open to suggestion, so if you have any ideas you feel may help Ciorcal grow, and be a better experience for the readers (that’s you!). Let me know with a comment below, I’ll reply to all of ’em!

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