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 I read the article on defragment the hard drive. i began the process at
11a.m. Friday 3rd October and here i am 24 hours later and it is still
running in the background and it won’t stop! i tried to cancel the
defragmenting but it says it “your disks will be defragmented at a scheduled
time” surely i haven’t so much downloaded or e-mails that it takes over 24
hours and still counting. My PC is a laptop and only myself using seldom,
not even for work is it used

Hi Kay,

The key words from your question there is, “in the background”, that makes me think you are still using the computer but just letting the defrag work away in the background? This is why it’s taking so long to complete, because it never will!. If you think about it….the defrag is working away in the background, changing files, organizing everything for you, but then on the other end you are checking e-mails, surfing the web etc. So the defrag says “oh there’s more files, I better move them here…..oh there’s more new files, better move these over there. etc etc.”

So the best thing to do is, some night leave your laptop on and let the defrag run over night. But remember to close any programs such as your Internet, E-mail client, etc. Any programs that are optional to close, do!. And this way the defrag should be done by the time you wake up the next day.

Thanks for your question

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