What Makes A Blog/Blogger Popular? – Elf Knows It [ARCHIVED]

With the number of blogs these days well in the 6 digit mark, you might wonder what makes a small few stand out from the crowd, and shine on the blogosphere. Anyone can have a blog, but it’s down to some key steps to making your blog one that people return to.

So what makes a popular blog or a blogger popular?

Find Your Niche
Write about something you’re knowledgeable and passionate about, readers will like the sense that you give them if you know what you’re talking about. e.g if you’re writing a blog about astrology and you maintain the earth is flat, it probably wouldn’t go down too well!

Be Personal
A blog is meant to be your space on the net for your taughts/opinions and your personal experiences, so treat it like this. This gives the reader a sense of originality.

Play Nice!
Don’t brag about your blog being better or bigger than others. Don’t put other blogs and bloggers down, this won’t gain you fans, it will do the opposite and only gain you enemies. Give your taughts on another bloggers if you want, but give it as that, your opinion and taught and not words of hate toward them.

Be Regular
Readers like to be updated on a regular basis, like reading their daily newspaper over their morning coffee!

Leave comments and taughts on other blogs in your niche, not only will this gain you some traffic, but it will show people you have a natural interest in the topic you write about.

Build Relationships
Talk to other bloggers and share information and taughts with them, having strong relationships with other bloggers will gain you reputation and credibility online.

Social Network
This is a very important and brilliant way to gain credibility and readers for your blog. Sign up accounts with networks such as Technorati,Facbook,Twitter etc. This is a great way to keep people updated on your blog too.

Interact With Your Readers
Make your readers feel welcome to your blog, ask for opinions, reply to comments. Make them feel you respect and appreciate their time on your blog.

Clear Titles
Use clear titles for your blog posts. This is what the reader will look for. Make sure the reader knows what they are about to read e.g if you are writing about a certain computer application don’t title it something like “How To Use This Application”, a heading such as “How To Make The Best Use Of Adobe Photoshop” will let the reader know what it’s about.

Type Like You Speak
Type you blog posts like you’re just talking to a friend, use expressions you would in real life, such as “Have to love it”, “Couldn’t live without it”, “What do you think?”. This gives the reader a more calm friendly sense of conversation.

Spell Check
Spell check your blog posts and use proper English. Readers won’t like to be greeted a blog post like “it ws sch a gr8 movee, my m8s lvd it”. Proper grammar and spelling will make you’re blog a much easier and smoother read.

It’s not rocket science to have a good blog. You just need to be yourself, talk like yourself, and talk about what you know well!

So go blog!, If you have any tips you would like added to this list, Leave a comment!

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