Bye Bye, Time to GoDaddy. E-mail service! – Elf Knows It [ARCHIVED]

I just want to start by saying GoDaddy offer a superb domain hosting service, and the e-mail service isn’t bad, in terms of ease of use and POP use etc, But the blocking system they have in place is a disgrace, When I first started this site I was using my e-mail services with GoDaddy’s e-mail server’s, and I taught it was going perfect until I started to use my elfknowsit email as my primary one, and I was starting to notice a trend of messages not getting to me, so I just taught my SPAM filter was set too high or something, but no, my SPAM filter wasn’t even on!, So I Google’d it a bit and found hundreds of people with the same issue, Apparently GoDaddy like to block any random e-mail and treat it as suspicious, or they are way too strict with their filtering rules, And I wouldn’t mind strict filtering if I could see what messages where actually being filtered, but they don’t even make it to my Inbox, Junk folder, Nothing!, And just to prove how strict/strange they are with filtering I recently applied for my driving test, and gave my elfknowsit address as my my e-mail, Did my confirmation e-mail with my candidate number, test number and all other important information arrive to me? ‘Course not!, So I have since switched to Google Apps as my e-mail hosting, I have my own mail server in work, but I want to get some extra juicy bandwidth on that line before I start pumping more out on it, It does enough as it is!,
Just to iterate, I am very pleased with GoDaddy’s domain hosting and other services, and I will be sticking with them for that, But I would just like to know what’s the story with their e-mail!

Does anyone else use GoDaddy’s email service? How do you find it?

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