Where To Find Quality Content On The Internet – Elf Knows It [ARCHIVED]

HAVE you ever searched for a certain topic using Google, or Yahoo and follow the No. 1 result only to end up on a site that has nothing got to do with the topic you’re looking for? Then just to rub salt on the wound you’re smothered with pop-ups and dialogues? We’ve all been there, I know I have. It’s something that makes me want to just unplug that router and go read a book!


SEARCH engines have got a lot better at filtering out these “Road Block” sites as a I like to call them. They do this by looking for certain characteristics in the domains and content of the site such as:

  • Long non-human friendly domains

  • Cheap, easy to get domains such as .cc, .info

  • All the highest ranking keywords such as “credit card”, “mortgage” etc all littered on one page

  • Site visits are only a few seconds long

  • Keywords stuffed into domain

  • Link back to nearly all sites that link to them

These are only a few of the ways search engines weed out the spam sites.

So away from poor content and on to the quality content…Personally I think there’s nothing more refreshing than searching in Google for a certain topic and seeing a link that looks promising, and once you follow it you are greeted with a nice looking page with top quality content. It’s what the internet should be. With the huge boom of blogs and personal web sites, the internet is now a great place to find some top notch content all for free. Even though there is still a lot, and I mean a lot! of poor spam filled sites out there, search engines are getting brilliant at making sure you don’t have to be near them.


HERE are a few tips to find quality content on the internet:

1 – Never follow a search result where the page title looks too good to be true! Because it probably is, Spam sites usually have the title of the page filled with glorious keywords to drag you in. So look for a site that has the name of the topic your searching or relates to it in a positive way.

2 – Get to know your resources! There are some very good websites out there where you can be assured the content you are reading is going to be up to top standards. Such as LockerGnome for tech content, Joel Comm for all your internet marketing content etc.

3 – Have a Digg… No not with a shovel! Search for content on http://digg.com. Digg is a community powered content ranking site, where each article submitted can be Dugg (Made more popular due to rich content) or Buried (Meaning it was probably rubbish!)

4 – Write it yourself! By far the most important factor to having quality internet content is YOU!, It’s people who put time and effort into posting content they know and are passionate about that makes the internet so rich with quality content. So if you know some things you want to share, get yourself a blog or website and share it! You will soon see it’s appreciated.

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