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I started Ciorcal last week. The aim of the site is to build an online social community, taking Social Networking further, expanding on to Social Communities.

What’s Ciorcal?

Personalized Profile
You can customize many aspects of your profile, without HTML knowledge, You can change the actual page background image/colour, text font/colour.

Personal Blog
You have your own personal blog, to blog/post/write about anything you want! Linked to your profile, it makes it easy for people to follow you.

Profile rating system, monthly prizes for highest rated!
Profiles are rated by other members under a “out of 5 stars” system. and we believe that in a social community, people should be rewarded by their contribution. So if other people think they have given time and effort, and play a big part in the social growth of Ciorcal. We will reward them with a prize at the end of each month.

Share photos/videos/music and more…
You can share photos/music/videos/articles/classifieds in a public gallery, or your profile gallery.

Highly Moderated
One of the main aims of Ciorcal is to make Social Networking a fun safe and worry free experience. With a group of non-biased and respectable moderators, anyone that steps out of line will be permanently banned, or receive a temporary ban.

Meet new people/find old friends
With a search tool to find people my age,sex and location. You can find people who you might be interested in, or even stumble across old friends.

Free Classifieds, for anything you want!
The FREE Classifieds service on Ciorcal allows you to place an ad, viewable to all users, members and guests. Selling/Looking/Seeking anything you might want or need.

With LIVE chat on Ciorcal you can talk to the whole Ciorcal community at once, create custom rooms for friends to chat in, with the option of putting a password on your room, or even 1 on 1 private chat.

Users of Ciorcal can submit articles articles on any topic, to be viewed by guests and members. All articles are viewed and moderated before being submitted on the site. This is to make sure any information submitted in the articles is decent and viewable to the public.

Forums on Ciorcal give users the option to talk about any subject they want, unlike the LIVE chat, conversations are always there for anyone to view and reply to.

Ciorcal has a match making system, constantly ticking away in the background. It works by sending an e-mail to two people who’s profiles match 70% plus.

and much more….
Ciorcal has so much more to offer, simply join up and explore everything Criocal has to offer! Head over to the LIVE chat to get to know other Ciorcal users

I’m still in the process of making Ciorcal what it should be!, If you want to help, head over, sign up and give me all the feedback you can. I’d really appreciate it!


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