What Can You Do With Your Old PC’s? – Elf Knows It [ARCHIVED]

SOMETHING that has always bothered me is people throwing away their old PC’s, I see it all the time. Any time I can stop this happening I do, if a friend or relative is throwing away an old computer, I’ll take it off their hands and refurbish it, they make great servers! I have often got fast PC’s to add to my server farm. This is a room I have with a group of PC’s running as servers. All running together to power all of my websites, e-mail services, you name it!, There’s a PC in that room doing it.


HERE’S just some of the things you can do with your old PC’s

  • Talk to someone you know who knows their way around a computer, Usually a simple re-install of your OS will have it working like new.

  • If you have children, use it for their education, Install teaching software to help them with their school work.

  • Ask around!, Call into some local schools and see if they would like to take it off your hands, I’m sure they would be happy to.

  • Do what I, and many other people have done, Make your own web server from it.

  • Don’t throw it out!, Even if you can’t get rid of it, and you can’t think of any use for it, Store it away, I guarantee a use will pop up sooner than you think!


THIS is by far the most rewarding use you can think of for an old PC. A lot of schools either have a very outdated computer set-up, or none at all. It would be great to have computers refurbished and put to good use in a school. Packed with the right educational software they can be a huge boost to a child’s learning. Also it’s great to have children working with a computer at a young age. In today’s world everything is run by computers in some way. So when they leave school and start to work. They will be one step ahead and already know their way around a computer.


IF your old computer is to old to be put to good use. Or is damaged beyond repair. Make sure you recycle it properly. Most recycling plants will have an electronic recycling section now. There are some parts in a PC that would not be suitable for a regular waste facility.

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