User Contribution – Save Your Followers On Twiends – Elf Knows It [ARCHIVED]

I posted a short time ago about Twiends, a service to help you grow your Facebook Fans, Twitter followers and more. One major flaw I had with the system was the amount of people that followed me, decreasing my seeds (that I had paid for) and then unfollowing me, so in reality just acting as a catalyst for me throwing money into the wind! But… all is not lost, a reader of Elf Knows It, Andrew, has pointed out that there is a fall back as such on the system for this, Andrew explains in his comment below.

"The website enables you to set the settings so that only users with a low "unfollow" rating can follow you. You can also set it so that only menses that have been on the site for a set amount if time can follow you too, meaning you only get people who have been on the site for, say, 2 days who have not unfollowed a lot of people.

With this option set you get less follows but your follows are more valuable as they actually stay.

The only annoying thing is that when you join the site the settings are automatically set to "allow everyone" when ideally it would prompt you to select your settings, this would probably lose them customers though as you wouldn’t get the initial rush of follows like when you join the site (the impressive instant list of follows you get from the free seeds)"

I might just give it another go and see if this makes figures drop too low. So what do you think? Does this add to the service? Let us know with a comment below.

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