Michael Jackson Tribute Community Hits The Web – Elf Knows It [ARCHIVED]

An online community for Michael Jackson fans to keep his memory and music alive has hit the web. The Gloved One, as it’s named, is also one of Michael Jacksons well known nicknames, due to his image of wearing one sequinced white glove at performances.


The online community has all the traits of a social network – profiles, friends, videos, images etc. But is tailored towards Michael Jackson fans to share his music, and their thaughts online.


People can also share Videos from various sites on their profile, YouTube, MySpace etc. Mp3 upload is also available. Groups can also be formed, public pr private, with media shared inside for just group members.


Anyone can also log in using their Facebook account. This is a great tool to make it easier for anyone to login.


The Gloved One can be found at http://theglovedone.net – Check it out!

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