The Rapture – Epic Fail! – Elf Knows It [ARCHIVED]

So here we are, May 21st, The Rapture? So far so good! 

What is the Rapture?
According to Harold Camping, today was set to be the Rapture. According to some versions of Christianity, the Rapture is the moment in which those chosen by God journey up into Heaven. The not so fortunate remain behind for a period known as the Tribulation. Some, like Harold Camping, are convinced that they’ll be chosen, and therefore they eagerly await this moment and make predictions about it.

You can see him explain his theory more in the video above!

He’s said it before?
This isn’t the first time Camping has come out with this, he previously predicted the same would happen in September 1994. I have a feeling he might wake up with a familiar feeling tomorrow morning!

In some parts of the world night fall has begun and there is still no sign of the massive earthquake, or bodies lying about the place.

So unless you’re reading this post from a bunker somewhere, I think we’re safe!

Has the rapture started near you?? What do you make of Camping’s theory? Let us know with a comment below!

May God have mercy on our souls…..

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