The Dole Que’ – Networking the unemployed – Elf Knows It [ARCHIVED]

The Dole Que’

I recently put my newest edition to The Elf’s Internet library online, it’s a social network for people who are unemployed, seeking work, or working for themselves.

The whole idea behind The Dole Que’ is to have a simple medium for people to share work ideas with one another, or even just forget about the worries and mingle!

Quick run down of some of the features

  • Profiles
  • Facebook login! – You can use your Facebook account on The Dole Que’! No need to register!
  • Twitter integration – You can have your tweets live in your profile, or also post to your twitter account from your dashboard
  • Site wide RSS feeds – There is an RSS feed for basically anything, you could follow RSS feeds for the keyword carpenter for example, so every time someone mentions it in their skills you will know
  • Work skills – You can make your work skills known in your profile if you want to.
  • Groups – The Dole Que’ has a very powerful group system, you could create a group with a group of friends, or even old work colleagues! Each group can be public or private. Each group also has it’s own videos, forums, pages, etc.
  • Bookmarks – See something you like? Bookmark it for later!
  • The Wire – The Wire is a twitter like app, you can even use it as twitter and have your wire posts bounced to your twitter account.
  • Draggable profile widgets – All sections of your profile can be arranged how you like, with a simple to use drag and drop layout.
  • Blogs – You can keep your own blog on The Dole Que’, from anything from what you are doing to look for work, or even just a day-to-day journal.
  • Videos – Videos can be imported straight from YouTube and other various sites, or uploaded yourself.
  • Event Calendar – Keep track of events in your are or worldwide with a member run calendar, each group can also have it’s own calendar.

Why is the called The Dole Que’ and no The Dole Queue?

Two simple reasons, was taken, and I personally like Que’ with an apostrophe better!

Do I have to be unemployed to join up?
‘Course not! You can join up to give a helping hand, or even just mingle yourself.

If I use my Facebook profile, do I have to update my Dole Que’ profile when I change my Facebook one?
Nope!, The Dole Que’ will sync the two. 😉


The Dole Que’ is currently running in BETA, which means we are still growing, and with you, means we can grow quicker!

The Dole Que’ can be grabbed at or

Join up, or even just give it a whirl with your Facebook profile and let me know what you think in The Dole Que’ group on the site.




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