Social Networking and the Social Web. What’s it all about? – Elf Knows It [ARCHIVED]

Bebo, Myspace, Facebook…all words we are sure to hear almost everyday. That’s because social interaction on the web is at sky high levels at present. It’s gone more from something you do on the internet for a short while when you have time, to something that needs to be done in many peoples daily routine. Most people have more friends online now than in ‘real’ life.


Social networking has played a part in everyones lives. It happens in schools, colleges, in the work place etc. Anywhere there is a large group of people who might share interests in the same topics, and go on to form groups of friends based on their interest, hobbies etc.


The term social network can be broken up into two separate categories when it comes to the internet.

‘People focus’ social networking websites:

These social networking websites are open for anyone to join, regardless of interests, hobbies, intentions etc. Where the main back bone to the website is just interaction between people.

Examples: Bebo, Myspace, Facebook

‘Hobbie Focus’ social networking websites:

These social networking websites are aimed at a group of people who share the same interest in a topic, and are open to discussion with other people who share the same interest.

Example: Flickr for photo/image sharing


As in real life there are dangers involved when meeting new people online. You would always be a bit cautious at first when meeting someone for the first time in a bar or school, because you don’t know anything about them. This should ALWAYS apply online too. A lot of people especially teenagers don’t see the dangers in getting to know someone, and sharing personal information online with someone they only know over the internet. The danger here lies in the fact that you only know them as the person they tell you they are. But as long as a common sense and mature approach is taken towards social interaction on the web. It can be a great way to socialize and boost your circle of friends.

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