Do you drive whilst using your mobile? – Elf Knows It [ARCHIVED]

Do you drive and use your phone at the same time?, There is a campaign/study in Ireland at the moment aimed at stopping this, They are pointing out the major dangers and legality of driving and talking at the, and the main edge they are putting on it is, driving when talking on the phone leaves you just as impaired as a drunk driver!, Now these are scary taught’s considering the amount of people you still see driving around with a phone in their hand, Now imagine every person you see driving with a phone and think they are just out of the pub, You’d want to keep your brand new BMW away from them!, It is illegal here in Ireland to use a hand-held phone anyway, With penalty points ranging from 2 on the stop, to 4 if it goes to court.

So do you drive while using your phone? IF you do is it hands free?
And what’s the legality of this in your area?

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