O2 Mobile Broadband, Using your phone as a modem! – Elf Knows It [ARCHIVED]

A few months back i started using my o2 phone as a USB modem, With a 10GB package for €25 a month, its not a bad price, The line is a 3.6mb connection, I’ve never seen them exact speeds, but i have got close, i have never got speeds lower than 1.5mb/s i usually get just below 3mb/s, thats with full 3.5G coverage, with about half coverage i usually get about 1mb/s line, But i still cant complain, It’s the only company i have found to actually give you usable mobile broadband, I tried Three’s service for a while and had countless headaches, with their dial up speeds, and that stupid proxy they use, blocking sites like download.com? Yes i was denied access to that site by their proxy at one stage!, But back to o2, I’d recommend using this service if you are living in the country and eircom are still feeding you that, “broadband is on the way to you” line!

As a matter of interest, i’m actually posting this using my o2 phone as my modem, pulled over in the car on my laptop!

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