Get Paid To Use Twitter? – Elf Knows It [ARCHIVED]

Yup, you read it right, now you can make money by using your Twitter account! A new service has launched that lets you run adverts in the form of Tweets on your Twitter account. At first that mind sound a bit pushy, you could be thinking "I don’t want some robot sending out 400 Tweets a day on my account of pure rubbish". Well you don’t have to worry about that, when you sign up you choose 4 subjects that describe you, these will be the basis of your Tweets(Ads).


Also they only send out 1 Tweet a day, and you have to approve it before they do. So you control the ads. They also work of a quality score, so anyone that has an account running a script, that has 2000 followers won’t make much money,but naturally them followers will ignore your Tweets anyway!


Give it a go! –


Have you been using Let us know how it is going for you with a comment below!

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