Has Technology Stripped The Talent From Music? – Elf Knows It [ARCHIVED]

This is something that has always put the ‘cringes’ on me!….

Do you remember the days when music was a group of people who just loved and admired the feel of their musical instrument in their hands, and playing it for a willing crowd was enough to make them leave with a smile? Also for the harder type watching a rock band do their utter best to hit/strum/slap their instruments on stage to make the possibility of a burst ear drum a reality?

Music has always had a huge influence on me, from the age of 2 when I use to slap the strings on my father’s guitar to make different noises. From there music has always been a major part of my life, taking it on myself to get to grasps with almost every instrument I get my hands on. I just love it!

So technology in music. I think it’s best to split this into what I think is the good and bad that technology has had on music today, and I’ll go from there.

The Good
Technology has helped music come along a long way in the past 20 years.

In ways such as giving live performances a boost with effects etc. but keeping the original sound.

In the recording studio it has made a huge difference with multiple tracks to make songs just sound outstanding, but still using the musician(s) talent and music to make these tracks.

Ability to slice or completely remove a section of the song seamlessly with no hassle.

The ability for very talented people to make outstanding one man albums.

The Bad
But we all have to admit to what technology has also done to music in the past 20 years too.

Pop “Artists” of today usually have absolutely no idea what you would mean by modulation or transposing if you drew a picture for them. It’s their producers who make their songs in a studio and is just given to the “artist” to sing over, Where’s the producers credits,I’d like to know?

These “DJ’s” who throw 20 sound clips in a sequencer window and loop it 5 times to complete their masterpiece.

Remixes, Oh Remixes, This is the worst….A good remix used to be something that would make your blood rush and give you that good feeling inside. Because it was an artists “re-styling” of a song, just keeping the melody and jist of the song but making this outstanding back-drop to blow the listener away!

What’s a remix now? It’s when some kid loads the original song into Sound Recorder in Windows XP, Doubles the speed and if they are that techie add an intro of them mumbling their name at the start, ExampleDJ Boonie… Save us from her please! She says how she “just loves music”, Then why do you feel the need to butcher it!?

DJ Boonie wrote these?
Concrete Angel
Daddy’s Little girl

Ooops wait…Original Songs:
Concrete Angel -Martina Mcbride
Daddy’s Little girl – Frankie J

After pointing these out I have to this is what really gets my blood boiling over this. These are songs wrote by people with feelings and emotions, that mean a lot to the original artist, and DJ Boonie has the cheek to butcher them with a speed shift and label them as her own. It actually disgusts me. Sorry but it does.

This is leaving the original authors with no credit. If you ask any 15 year old, who wrote these songs they will tell you DJ Boonie did, breaks your heart doesn’t it?

Want to find more? Just search for DJ Boonie on YouTube and then search again with just the titles of ‘her’ songs.

Stop the madness please!

My Final Opinion
I agree that technology has made brilliant advances in music and production, but it always has opened the door for too many people to make ruins of some peoples idea of music today!

Do you have any opinions on technology in music today? Give your thoughts here with a comment, I’d love to hear them! Or do you agree or disagree with my remarks on remix songs? Comment below!

Sorry to come off a bit ‘angry’ in some parts of this post especially when it came to DJ Boonie, I just think it’s wrong and shouldn’t be the way it is, I mean NO offcent by it, It’s just something I feel very strongly about!

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