Harvard researchers: Violent video games OK for kids – Elf Knows It [ARCHIVED]

Harvard researchers: Violent video games OK for kidsTwo Harvard researches have concluded that there is no relationship between violent video games and violent children in real life. [CNET News]

Ok, There’s something I need to say about this, I strongly believe a child turns out how their parents make them, A baby is brought into this world with a clean slate, (A formatted hard drive I suppose), and it’s their parents jobs to fill them with knowledge, right and wrong, what’s acceptable, what’s not. If a child is taught the basics of this, they will KNOW that just because the guy on the tv does it, doesn’t mean I can, Simply blaming video games,tv,books for children’s behaviour isn’t right, It’s how the parents teach them to react to these that’s the problem, and there’s to much kids out there that are let do as they feel, and don’t teach them the basic foundations of an acceptable child-hood, Raising a child shouldn’t be a chore, It’s part of life, and needs to be done for the child’s benefit, not the people around them.


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