Connect With Facebook – Elf Knows It [ARCHIVED]

I have just finished integrating Facebook with Elf Knows It, what does this mean?…

  • Use your existing Facebook account to post on Elf Knows It.
  • Share Elf Knows It content you have created to your Facebook wall with minimal effort.
  • Invite Facebook friends onto Elf Knows It.
  • Earn revenue….more to come on this soon….

If you are logged into your Facebook account click the "Connect" button on the right, under the log in box. Follow the instructions to connect your account with Elf Knows It.

Once you are logged in browse to your "My account" section in the menu on the right and click the "Facebook Connect" tab, from there you can make various changes to your Elf Knows It/Facebook account.

If you have any questions/comments let fly in the comment section below. Enjoy.


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