Are You A Cyber-Hoarder? – Elf Knows It [ARCHIVED]

Hi, My name is Mark, and I’m a Cyber Hoarder…., how often would you do a clean-up on your PC/Hard drives? I have a terrible habit of not deleting anything, leaving myself with TB’s of crap lying around on countless hard drives/PC’s and Laptops, even taken to my servers at times! But I do have some kind of structure to it, so it’s not too much a problem, but I have more than I’d like…

What is Cyber Hoarding?
When an individual has an excessive amount of pointless word documents, pictures, etc. saved on their computer that they will never look at.

A simple test to check if you’re a cyber hoarder is to look at your Desktop, is there more icons than space allows? If so, then you have a problem!

Simple steps to kick the habit!

Save all your Internet downloads to one place, and once or even twice a week do a ‘spring clean’ on this folder, deleting anything you won’t need, and/or moving files you do, and I mean really do!

If you still end up with loads of files lying around that you "need" sort them by time, make a folder called 2011 for example, and inside this a folder called January 11, place any files you might need from this time into this folder, the same for February and other years etc.

That’s a start, soon you will have a library of your "hoarded" files making it easier to dig through when you need to find something.

How often do you delete files? Are you a victim of Cyber Hoarding! Let us know with a comment below!

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