Another Kink in the hose that is, Broadband in Ireland – Elf Knows It [ARCHIVED]

For the past few days Eircom customers have been having problems with their DSL lines, And Eircom say they are having problems with their 05x are code, That was about 3 days ago, and they have yet to fix the problem for some customers, especially the 056 customers.

Broadband in this country is just a joke, They release a 3mb package here and call it unreal, lightning, never before seen speeds for only €60 a month, go across to England you could get a 10mb line to less than half that, They really need to just sit down and have a serious think about broadband roll out in this country, and get off their lazy back sides and start rolling out fibre optic lines to replace the stone age copper ones we still use here today, And I head a story of a broadband service, cant remember the name, Sharing a 3mb line with a HOUSING ESTATE!, and charging the people living there to use it, the company should be paying them to put up with that excuse of “internet”, all it would take is one person downloading heavy and the whole housing estate is shut down from it! But seriously broadband seriously needs a change in this country, and hopefully its sooner rather than later!

Many international companies are avoiding setting up in Ireland because of the poor broadband lines we have here.

Needs to be sorted quick!

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