Windfalls from Wind Turbines – Clean Energy, Dirty money – Elf Knows It [ARCHIVED]

Some groups in Wales including CURB and CUP have conducted their own study into the finances of wind farm companies and shown that money is

 driving the current flood of applications to build wind farms in mid-Wales. and other UK and Irish regions. £500,000 per annum per turbine is what wind farm companies are currently estimated to profit according to a Financial Times investigation.  


The British Wind Energy Association is secretive about its profits, but this squares with the fact that Cefn Croes in Mid Wales(39 turbines) is receiving £7.9 million per year in subsidy through the renewable obligations certificate scheme (ROCs), plus an unknown but substantial sum from other electricity supply companies who have been fined for failing to achieve their renewable energy targets, plus any income from electricity sales.  This is in contrast to local communities, who get little or nothing. 


All this profit ultimately comes from electricity consumers, many of whom do not know that a percentage of their bill goes to the development of renewable energy.  Jolly good idea one may think, but little is going into

 research and development for the potentially cheapest and most reliable technologies that harness hydro or tidal power.  Most goes to the massive profits of the onshore wind power companies.  There are now literally

 dozens of these, all of whom can spot a gravy train.  But the time of onshore turbines is already passed.  We know this from the experience of Denmark and Germany who have had major logistical problems of getting

this unreliable generating source into their National Grids. In UK the future of wind is in off shore where already seven offshore wind farms produce more electricity than all of the 84 onshore wind farms put together.

When each turbine can generate £500,000 income per year, wind farm companies can offer farmers generous rates for rental.  Rumour has it that farmers can expect anything between £20,000 – £30,000 per annum per

 turbine.  No wonder there is a rash of planning applications in Mid Wales  and throughout the UK and Ireland.When the landowners and farmers find it intolerable to live as little as 400m away from these so called ‘wind farms’ they will afford to take the 33%-50% drop in house price and move elsewhere what about the other poor residents? People sadly have still not woken up yet to the scale of this scam. There are going to be a lot of losers and some winners in the country.  


Onshore wind generated energy is the most expensive and most unreliable source of energy, which can never hope to seriously address the energy demands of modern Britain.  The future of wind energy is bleak when you  strip away the vast hidden subsidies and divest it of the effective black arts of marketing.

 The current proposed wind farm schemes in Mid Wales and all other regions are simply out-dated, inappropriate and irrelevant and by far the biggest scam being pulled on a slumbering public. The clever illusionist Derren Brown would be praising of this con…


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