Where Has ITV HD Gone? (And How To Get It Back) – Elf Knows It [ARCHIVED]

Some of you may have noticed that ITV HD has stopped working either directly from the EPG, or using old codes that you may have once used to tune it in… here’s why:

On 7th February 2014 Sky moved ITV HD from it’s old home on the satellite Astra 1N, to a new home on Astra 2F, this can usually happen for standard Sky EPG channels and the change goes unnoticed (SKY just updates all the frequencies in the background), but because ITV HD was manually tuned by many, the change is much more apparent.

Can I still get it?
That depends on your brand of FTA box, for people with standard Sky boxes, no.

What is the new ITV HD Code.
ITV HD (now ITV London HD) can be found on the frequency 11097 V 23000 2/3

Will the new frequency work for me?
Unfortunately the answer to most here will be no… Sky, in their trickery, have locked down the Add Channels screen to only let you choose 22000 or 27500 as a symbol rate, but ITV HD is on 23000, some FTA boxes will let you chose 23000 as a symbol rate, but most FTA boxes and all Sky boxes unfortunately wont.


New ITV HD Freq: 11097 V 23000 2/3 (please read above)


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