Mouse,Keyboard and Speakers Problems – Elf Knows It [ARCHIVED]

Dylan sent a message using the contact form at

My speakers mouse and keyboard recently just stopped working.I got a USB  mouse and keyboard and they work.I was wondering if getting USB speakers would solve the problem.

Hi Dylan,

Getting USB speakers would solve the problem if it is a hardware related issue, but that might just be making more work for yourself, and cost more money!. Have you checked the cables? On most computers the jacks for audio are colour coded, and the output for the speakers should be in the green jack. If someone was at the connections on the back of the computer, this could explain the keyboard and mouse problem too, because they both use the same style connection, so they could be in the wrong ports, but it would look ok.
Make sure you have a quick check of the volume controls too, presuming you’re using Windows, you should find this by right clicking on the speaker icon in the task bar, at the bottom right of the screen, and choosing Open Volume Control. Making sure all the levels are up, and no Mute boxes are ticked, mainly the Master Volume and Wave control.

Hope this helps.

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