How Can You Fit More Time In Your Day? – Elf Knows It [ARCHIVED]

If only I knew the answer to this question. I know I havnt really been frequent with my posts here over the past few days(weeks?). The reason is I have been devoting nearly every hour of my waking day to getting Ciorcal up and going.

Ciorcal is a new website that I am working on, It is an online platform for Ireland, and for people to connect to Ireland.

It has forums,articles,videos,photos, live chat (and IM, basically an MSN clone) and also it has all the social networking goodies you would expect, like profiles, sharing of images,videos and music.

But the main aim behind Ciorcal is interaction, every aspect of the sites works off two people or more. So the more the merrier!

Check it out if you have some spare time, and let me know with a comment here what I could improve,chagne,keep or set fire too!

-Mark – Connecting Ireland

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