Growing Pains…. – Elf Knows It [ARCHIVED]

Hi guys,

You might have noticed Elf Knows It was offline for the past few days, this was my choice. Basically we had run way over the allowance on our hosting, and the only way to let the level of traffic to go back down was to put the elf to sleep for a bit.

But we’re working on this, I’m currently looking for new servers to handle the amount of traffic we are currently receiving (which is great!) but this is proving to be come with a cost.

So to help us push along I have added a little Donate button in the right sidebar, but only use it if you really want to – and can, I don’t expect anyone to give up their hard earned cash just because they are asked, that’s not why Elf Knows It is here, but any cent we receive helps, and this takes us closer to finding our new strong home.

Even if you can’t afford a donation, leave a comment below, or on our Twitter or Facebook saying thanks, that’s enough for us too :).

Take care,

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