Free Software – Elf Knows It [ARCHIVED]

Why pay for software when you can get it for free?

There is a free alternative for just about any
application you use on your computer, such as Open Office to replace
Microsoft Office, GIMP to replace Adobe Photoshop, and even free
operating systems to replace your Windows OS on your PC, such as

Free Software can be mainly put under 3 different

created and distributed to the public to use at no charge. Usually
over the internet.

Open Source: Free
software of which the source code, the code used to write the
software, is available free to the public to
modify and redistribute the code how they wish.

Shareware: Generally
shareware is
not free,
but there is a form of shareware which is free for non-commercial

Where can all this free
software be found?

The internet is
flooded with open source software, but a great place to start is
this is the home of nearly all open source projects on the internet.
On the home page there is a section titled
can choose to browse by category here, and it’s all free. All
software you will find on
is Open Source.

hot spots for free software:





Next time you need software, instead of buying it in
a shop, look online. It will save you time, and money!

Do you use any free software? What do you use, let me know with a comment.

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