Free Renault Radio Codes

If you’ve ended up on this page, chances are you are on the lookout for your Renault radio code so you know what this is all about already, but for those that don’t know …

A car radio code is a short (usually 4) collection of digits that are needed to power up your car’s radio if the power has been disconnected for a period of time, such as a drained/disconnected battery etc.

While radio codes were invented to prevent theft of radio units from cars, they mostly just prove to be an annoyance to car users when we need to change a battery or the car has been sitting unused with a drained battery for a while, leaving us to fork out the cash to a dealership to get the sweet sound of music back in to our daily commute.

The most common search I’ve seen online for radio codes seems to be for the *ahem* trusty Renault, so with that I’ve compiled a list of all Renault radio codes for you to use.

To access the code list, click here! Also please be aware that due to the ridiculous size of the list (over 23k) the page can take around 15 seconds to load.

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