Do You Type Correctly? – Elf Knows It [ARCHIVED]

As much as typing has become a regular part in nearly everyone’s daily routine. There is still a lot of people who don’t use the keyboard correctly. I suppose you could say, “I hit the buttons and the letters come up, that means I’m doing it right!” This means you are using it properly, as in it is working how it’s meant to for you. But you can do a lot to dramatically increase your speed.

Have you ever wondered what the markings on the F and J keys are for? This is used for touch typing, typing without the aid of sight. Touch typing is a great way to increase your work rate and productivity when working on a computer.

There is a great website Typing Web where you can train yourself in touch typing. If you learn how to, and get to grips with touch typing your work rate and productivity can more than double! (or you can IM twice as fast!)

Here is a quick run-down of touch typing:

In the image above you will notice that the F and J are where the circles start, this is where you place your index fingers. You place your left index finger on the F key and your right index finger on the J key, and all your other fingers in sequence beside them. and simply follow the colours up and down, returning to the F and J keys when you’re not using your index fingers, Your thumbs are used to hit the space bar.

This is only a quick explanation, Head over to Typing Web to work on your touch typing!

Do you touch type? Or if you’re learning do you find it helps you? Let me know with a comment.

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