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How would you like to be the editor of your own newspaper?? I’m currently working on a project which I aim to be a strong successful service to the public.


"With Ciorcal you can create your own online newspaper, or even a simple newsletter, all for FREE. You don’t have to have any experience in web design or online publishing, because we will be there with you every step of the way.

With Ciorcal, you can get your own free online newspaper, with full customization, complete control, and online support, it makes perfect sense to do it!"


The name of the project is Ciorcal, this is the Irish word for Circle, a newspaper resembles a circle in ways, circulating news between the public.


With Ciorcal I will provide FREE Online Newspapers the the public, where you are the editor. You will get a personal URL of or for a small fee you can also get a .com address.


Your newspaper will have a handy, easy to use newspaper style setup. Made up of editors (you and who you want to promote), writers, and the readers.


You can promote somebody to writing for your paper if you feel they have a good knowledge of a certain subject, or are involved in many local activities. Writers stories will be sent for review by you,or any other editors, to allow for corrections etc.


This is only a base set-up, I will work from start to finish with you to provide the exact set-up you want if needed!


Some quick examples of what you get:

  • Full control
  • Multi-user support, meaning forums, blogs etc.
  • Full support on
  • Full events calendar.
  • Featured on
  • You control menus, pages, channels(sections) etc.
  • Your own personal space:
  • and much, much more…..


You could use Ciorcal for:

  • Community news sites
  • Club/GAA sites
  • Group/Association sites


Some of the extras you can get

  • Once off custom design fee: €250
  • Your own .com domain: €10/year
  • Removal of Ciorcal’s ads from your site: €5/week or €18/month or even better €200/year


For more info, or to get your own online newspaper click here!

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