Clicking Your Own Adsens Ad’s – Elf Knows It [ARCHIVED]

I Received and e-mail this morning from James regarding Adsense click fraud, (Clicking your own ads’),

The question read:

 I recently joined the Adsense program and was looking on the net for some more 
information regarding revenue etc. And I found a few topics about people being banned 
from adsense from clicking their own ad's, Is this the case? Personally i think that 
there could be some circumstances where legit clicks could happen, Such as a topic im 
interested in on my own site. What's the case on this?

To sum it up in my shortest answer, NEVER click your own ad’s,Many people HAVE been kicked from the Adsense program, Google are very strict on clicking your own ad’s, Even if it was for a legit cause, Recently they where legally in trouble for click-fraud so they are taking this kind of thing very seriously, If you see an ad on your site and want to follow the link, I’d recommend you take note of the ad name and find the site in the ad using google.

So to sum it up, Under no circumstances click your own Google Adsense, Chances are you will get banned.

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