Browser Choice Matters – Elf Knows It [ARCHIVED]

One of the most important pieces of kit on your computer is your web browser, even though you may not notice it! You may not know that there is a good choice of browsers to choose from also.

Open To Choice was launched by Mozilla – the creators of Firefox, and Microsoft.The aim of Open To Choice is to give everyone the opportunity to make their own decision on what browser they will use.

If you’re a Windows PC user in Europe and use Internet Explorer as your default browser, you’ll see a screen in Internet Explorer asking you to choose your browser. It’s an important opportunity to take control of your online life and make a decision that has implications on your privacy, security and how you use the Web.

We encourage you to think about what matters most to you about your browser. Is it protecting your privacy? Security against viruses and other threats? High performance? Unique features? Take time to understand the options on the Browser Choice screen so you can make an informed choice.

The Web browser is the lens through which we look at the virtual world, and the medium by which we connect, learn, share and collaborate. The browser you choose is responsible for providing you with the necessary tools to manage your online life, and to protect your privacy and security.

This site was created as a place to learn, discuss and share the issues around choosing your browser. Join us!

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